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Anna isst anders

Guide for Intuitive Eating

Almost everyone knows, dieting is exhausting and usually leads to the fact that you end up weighing just as much or more. Anna follows a different approach: With intuitive eating you get away from diets, rules and prohibitions and towards a completely normal eating behavior, with which you can feel good and be happy again.

My Role





Many individuals are tired of being caught on a spiral of dieting. As a result, they feel frustrated and have lost faith in new nutritional concepts.


To convince their target audience of the concept of intuitive eating, the branding should leave a positive and fresh impression. The design should convey that the customer’s needs are most important. To build trust with Anna, her branding should make her come across as authentic and professional.

Brand Workshop

In the brand workshop, we defined target groups, developed a corporate vision and set the corporate values. As a result, we determined that the aspects of positivity, transparency and trust play a major role for Anna and her branding.


In order to show that Anna focuses on the individual needs of the customer, a logo was designed that shows exactly this point. Two figures are surrounded by the word „Anna“. It should appear as if two people are talking or standing next to each other.

Key Visual

To leave a positive impression on the target group, we decided to use a colorful key visual with reference to the topic of nutrition. It consists of the shapes of fruits and vegetables.

Print Products

Flyers and posters and stickers were designed to reach the target group in exactly the places that are relevant to them. For example these flyers were displayed in restaurants or included in food delivery packages.


So that potential customers can get more information on the subject of intuitive eating, a website was designed. To get an authentic impression, you can find a video of Anna introducing the topic. On the site you can find information about Anna’s offer and you can also arrange a trial consultation via a booking tool.