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The all-in-one app for your well-being.

More and more people are suffering from chronic diseases. This makes it even more important to deal with your body and your illness. With the fine app, chronically ill people can keep track of their complaints and document them in a digital diary.

The documentation of the symptoms is a core component of fine and should reveal possible solutions. However, medical advice is not given. For this, the data and recordings can simply be shown at the next doctor’s visit.

My Role

Branding, UX/UI Design, Frontend Development


Backend and Frontend – Benjamin Adolph
Frontend and Design – Jennifer Konopka
Agile PM and  Frontend – Sarah Schneller
Design and Frontend – Veronika Remiger




Due to the large number of triggers, it is often difficult to identify correlations. Psyche, nutrition, environmental influences, emotions, stress – the body is very complex and the reasons are often not obvious. Often people forget their notebook to document their symptoms or lose the motivation to track them after some time.


Fine is designed to serve many different medical conditions. The user decides which modules he wants to use for documenting and can therefore adapt fine flexible to his needs. The goal was to create the most individual and quickest possible input and still offer the possibility to document in depth and down to the smallest detail. Besides that, you no longer have to carry notebooks around with you and always have your diary with you on your smartphone.


During our intensive research, we created a market analysis, defined a vision and looked for innovative input and output possibilities.

Through the concept of design thinking, we have constantly questioned ourselves and discovered new ways of doing things.

Target Groups

To determine our target group, we created six personas. This allowed us to better empathize with the needs of our users.


Since our vision is to improve well-being, so the goal is already in the name of the application. The logo consists of an abstracted smile and is intended to create positive associations. The unique selling point is to combine many different modules in one app. We want to express this diversity with our branding. It consists of different shapes and colors that are part of our application.

UX/UI Design

A complex application needs a complex design system, which we created with Figma. Every atom and molecule from the design system was designed by ourselves. In addition, under the keyword UX-Writing we defined rules how the verbal tone of our application should be.

This should motivate our target group to track smyptoms even more. We also performed tests for color blindness to make our application accessible to everyone.